Mongoose M80G Car Alarm

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The M80 Series have earned themselves a reputation second to none as being the best vehicle security systems available. They have all the features you would expect to find – and more ! They offer the utmost in security, long term durability, reliability and ease of use.



•Triple circuit automatic engine immobilisation

•Protects bonnet, boot and all doors

•Battery back-up siren with soft chirp

•2 stage impact sensor (M80G only)

•Microphone glass break sensor

•2 x 3 button water resistant remote controls (SAW 303MHz)•Silent arm/disarm by remote

•Sensor disable by remote

•Remote panic

•Car finder by remote

•Chirp and indicator confirmation

•Built-in turbo timer

•Blue dashboard LED

•4 digit PIN code override

•Programme your own PIN code to a number you will not forget ! (deletes factory setting)

•Standards black wiring and concealed main plug

•Built-in central locking relays